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Basic knowledge of electronics is an essential requirement for anyone working in the security systems industry. Tavcom's Online Electronics Principles course - with a level 3 Tavcom certification - has been specifically designed for students with little experience of electronics. 

It provides a good fundamental knowledge of the basic concepts of the electronic laws, together with many other principles and components used within this industry. 

Without complex mathematics or very technical language we provide information needed to install, service and maintain security equipment. Self assessment questions are followed at the end of the course by a timed online assessment paper. 

Course content:

  • Introduction to electronics
  • Volts, current and resistance
  • Ohms law
  • Electronic symbols and components
  • Series and Parallel
  • Ohms law power
  • Alternating and direct current
  • Power supplies and batteries
  • Circuit protection
  • Digital binary code
  • Test equipment and measurement
  • Health and Safety

Electronic Principles
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Electronic Principles Assessment
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