Access Control

8 modules


Warren Collins





Access Control 

This online course has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge and understanding required to be able to design cost-effective Access Control systems that conforms to the relevant international and national regulations. It will also give you the skills and ability necessary to service and maintain equipment at component level.


Study times and Entry Requirements

The course contains 8 modules, requiring approximately 35 hours of study in total. There are no prerequisites and no qualifications needed to enroll.


DLAC Module 1 - Standards
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DLAC Module 2 - Entry Phones
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DLAC Module 3 - Wireless Door Locks
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DLAC Module 4 - Door Equipment
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DLAC Module 5 - ACS Hardware
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DLAC Module 6 - Software Functionailty
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DLAC Module 7 - Fire Alarm Integration
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DLAC Module 8 - Commissioning
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Added 11 days ago, by Ronald
Added 18 days ago, by Anonymous
excellent course, really enjoyed it
Added 3 months ago, by Justin
Very useful course.
Added 3 months ago, by Andrei
Very good course for beginners. I wish the notes mentioned in audio by the tutor to be added on the presentation and also some practical exercises would be great.
Added 5 months ago, by Emile
Added 6 months ago, by Gary
great insight to the world of ACS systems
Added 6 months ago, by Anonymous
A very informative course very good for the complete beginner
Added 6 months ago, by Arentas
General basic information about principles of access control systems. For those who very fresh in the field.
Added 6 months ago, by Tracey
Very detailed but also very clear and easy to understand.
Added 7 months ago, by Danny
Great course, looking forward to tackling the project and assessment. Danny Moody Tobruk Security Management Services Ltd

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