This short course explains in a jargon-free manner how the current 4th and 5th generation mobile networks have evolved, and how faster speeds have been achieved. Aimed at anyone with an interest in how this interesting technology works. Read More

This is a series of three linked Technical Bite Size courses. Part 1 - A Technical Guide to Optical Fibre Part 2 - Operation Part 3 - Termination and Testing This is Part 1 A Technical Guide to Optical Fibre which will explore: Optical scalability and the future of communications Optical network components Fibre construction Single v multimode Fibre problems in installation Optical Fibre is the 21st century bandwidth saviour of communication networks, with advantages such as small size and huge bandwidth. All high speed broadband will eventually deploy fibre, whilst it is becoming more popular in Local Area Networks to provide the carrying capacity for integrated systems. This Bitesize course will give you an understanding of the principles of operation of optical fibre. Read More

This Bite Size course is Part 2 Operation which will explore:Dispersion and its effectSingle and multimode fibre characteristicsOptical lossLasers and how they workThis is the second part of the trilogy on Optical Fibre, which will go into more detail on the technical aspects of the operation of optical fibre. This information is a vital component in broadening the knowledge of optical fibre installation and operation. Read More

This is a series of three linked Knowledge Modules Part 1 Optical Fibre Part 2 Operation Part 3 Termination and Testing This module is Part 3 Termination and Testing which will explore: Wave Division Multiplexing Optical Amplifiers and Regenerators Optical Switching Optical Fibre Testing Read More

    Access Control  This online course has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge and understanding required to be able to design cost-effective Access Control systems that conforms to the relevant international and national regulations. It will also give you the skills and ability necessary to service and maintain equipment at component level.     Study times and Entry Requirements   The course contains 8 modules, requiring approximately 35 hours of study in total. There are no prerequisites and no qualifications needed to enroll.   Read More

This Bite Size module will take you through the operation and configuration of all  the elements that make an access control system perform the Anti-Passback (APB) function. As the name suggests, Anti-Passback is a way of preventing a cardholder, once  inside the building, from passing their access control card back to a second individual outside the building, who then uses the same card to gain unauthorised access. Read More

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