CCTV over IP Networking Course

14 modules


Peter Mason



The rapid deployment of IP Networking, HD and Megapixel technologies is only being equalled by their rate of integration with other electronic security systems. The need to keep up to speed with the latest advances in technology has never been greater.  This interactive online CCTV over IP networking course will give you the essential skills required to deal with one of the major challenges facing the electronic security industry – the change from Analogue CCTV to CCTV over IP.

CCTV and IP Networking is one of the essential skills to learn on the way to becoming an integrated electronic security systems installer/engineer.

Security Systems engineers install maintain and repair all different types of electronic security systems such as CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Detection Systems which help to protect both life and property. If you are keen on CCTV and IP Networking and want to use your practical skills, this would be a great career enhancing course for you.

Supported by your own online tutor and using a unique blend of essential theory and practical exercises, this fully interactive ONLINE course will give you the nearest alternative to traditional classroom training available today.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally accredited and recognised Tavcom Certificate.


Course Content

This course consists of 14 modules:

Module 1 - Intro and Operational Requirement
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Module 2 - Lighting
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Module 3 - Lens
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Module 4 - Cameras
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Module 5 - Introduction to TCPIP
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Module 6 - Local Area Networks
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Module 7 - Bandwidth Latency and Security
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Module 8 - IP Addresses and Subnets
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Module 9 - Tools and Utilities
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Module 10 - Transmission
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Module 11 - VMS
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Module 12 - Recording and Storage
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Module 13 - Displays
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Module 14 - Standards and Interoperability
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Added 5 days ago, by Gareth
Added 5 days ago, by Anonymous
Very indepth & informative course.
Added 5 days ago, by LEE
Added 24 days ago, by Anonymous
useful course but for certain fields of work only this will thrive in.
Added about 2 months ago, by Fabio
Course modules very well presented and structured, I would suggest maybe more interactive quiz session?
Added about 2 months ago, by Wayne
fantastic overview of cctv and networking this as really helped me with a greater understanding of this industry
Added 2 months ago, by Edward
Added 3 months ago, by Justin
great information highly reccomend
Added 3 months ago, by Daniel
Added 3 months ago, by Adam

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