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Lets' start with a really simple problem.
You want to send an email from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, to, say, You open your mail client, as it's called, whether that is Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Google or whatever it is, type your email out, put the address in the address bar, and click ‘send'.

As far as you are concerned, that email is now winging its way through the Internet to its destination. In fact, initially, it hasn't even left your computer, because even at the stage of clicking ‘send', there's a problem

"This module will explain how the Domain Name Service (or DNS) swaps web and email addresses into the correct IP addresses to enable packets to reach their correct destination"





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How Does DNS Really Work? - Bitesize
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Added 4 months ago, by Jeremia
Good Content
Added almost 2 years ago, by Michael
Added about 2 years ago, by Zeeshan
Informative good.
Added over 2 years ago, by Matthew
Added over 3 years ago, by Steven
Added almost 5 years ago, by Shane
Added about 5 years ago, by Benjamin
Very interestng, A lot of information cramed into this mod. I new the basics, but this goes into quite alot of detail
Added almost 6 years ago, by Anonymous
A really useful module on Domain Name Systems – always wanted to know how web addresses were changed from English into an IP address, now I do. I liked the self-assessment questions at the end as they made me go back over the material again just to be sure before answering them.

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