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Jim Hallett



Optical Fibre is the 21st century bandwidth saviour of communication networks. All high-speed broadband will eventually deploy fibre, and it’s also becoming more popular in Local Area Networks in providing the carrying capacity for integrated systems.  Understanding this is a vital component in broadening your knowledge of optical fibre installation and operations.

Part one of this three-part course is the `Technical Guide to Optical Fibre` in which we explore optical scalability and the future of communications, optical network components, fibre construction, single vs multimode, and fibre problems in installation.

In the second part of the trilogy, Optical Fibre explores in more detail the technical aspects of the `Operation of Optical Fibre`, including dispersion and its effect, single and multimode fibre characteristics, optical loss, and how lasers work.

In part three we move onto Termination and Testing, exploring Wave Division Multiplexing, Optical Amplifiers and Regenerators, Optical Switching and Optical Fibre Testing.

On completion of the three bitesize courses, you will be able to download and print a certificate to demonstrate your learning which is worth 6 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

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A Technical Guide to Optical Fibre Part 1 - Bite Size
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A Technical Guide to Optical Fibre Part 2 - Bite size
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A Technical Guide to Optical Fibre Part 3 - Bite size
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Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
The content was very good, but most of the slides automatically advance and this can not be turned off. The slides could do with reviewing as some parts are mixed up or the content is mismatched.

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