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Specifically for those with an interest in Intruder and Hold up Alarms and Access Control,  Over four ‘easy to digest’ learning modules we cover the wide variety of electronic locks, turnstiles and locking mechanisms available (including maglocks) as well as  cover different types of vehicle barrier systems and turnstiles and simplify the difference between Fail Secure and Fail Unsecure locks.

Detection Devices (also referred to as sensors) must be capable of reliably detecting intruders and exhibit a high resistance to false activations, this bite size course will look at what detection devices are, their role, perimeter detection, volumetric detection, system grading, environmental classes, supervision, detection device technologies, operation, installation, false alarm management and sequential confirmation.

We then cover the operation and configuration of all the elements that make an access control system perform the Anti-Passback (APB) function before moving onto Electronic Article Surveillance which work by detecting tagged or labelled products being carried through a surveillance area which is generated between pedestal readers or gate reader devices.

On completion of the 4 bitesize courses, you will be able to download and print a certificate to demonstrate your learning which is also worth 8 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Access Control & Intruder Alarms bitesize bundle

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Locking Mechanisms and Turnstiles - Bite Size
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Anti-Passback - Bite Size
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Detection Devices - Bite Size
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Electronic Article Surveillance - Bite Size
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Excellent bite size course which really just gives a taster of an extremely interesting but clearly fiendishly clever challenging and complex range of technologies that are available in the security industry for the prevention of theft.
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great information! highly recommend

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