Intruder and Perimeter Alarms BTEC level 3

9 modules


Lewis Green



This Tavcom Training interactive online course has been specially designed to give you the underpinning knowledge and understanding required to be able to design an cost-effective Alarm and Perimeter detection systems that conform to current international and national standards.
With no prerequisites to join, this course is perfect for those who are entering the Intruder Alarm industry for the first time or looking to improve their skills and gain an industry recognised qualification.

After completing the course, you should have a basic knowledge of all the component parts which go together to make a successful Intruder and Hold-up Alarm system and possibly, more importantly, the pitfalls to avoid.

DLAL - Module 1 - Intruder and Perimeter Alarms Introduction
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DLAL Module 2 - Standards, Health and Safety
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System Design Proposal Example
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DLAL Module 3 - Wiring and Transmission Methods
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DLAL Module 4 - Detection Devices
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DLAL Module 5 - Control and Indicating Equipment
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DLAL Module 6 - System Configuration & Signalling
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DLAL Module 7 - External Security Solutions & PIDS
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DLAL Module 8 System Commissioning & Maintenance
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Added 7 days ago, by nathan
Added 10 days ago, by Robert
Added 11 days ago, by Joel
I enjoyed this course, well presented and very informative
Added 11 days ago, by Dylan
Added 13 days ago, by Anonymous
Well presented and informative, worth completing.
Added 15 days ago, by Anonymous
Had some questions come up wrong even when answers were right
Added 15 days ago, by Anonymous
The course is informative and I recommend it for anybody who has interest in security systems including Intruder Alarm and PID
Added 25 days ago, by Anonymous
Added 29 days ago, by Tom

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