DL2 Professional Practices of Security Network Design BTEC Accredited Level 5 Certificate

21 modules


Peter Mason



Professional Practices of Security Network Design (BTEC Level 5 Certificate)

The Professional Practices of Security Network Design Course is perfect for those looking to develop a deep understanding of IP & Networking.

This tutor supported course is intended for people with little or limited knowledge of computers or IP networks. It is packed with the essential knowledge needed to design, plan and build effective fully operational IP based security solutions and most importantly learning about the pitfalls to avoid.

Over twelve fascinating course modules you will cover the fundamentals of digital cameras, local area networks and IP. Each module is supported by Self Assessment Questions and throughout the course there are a number of assessments and projects designed to check and reinforce your learning progress. On completion of the course there is a final assessment and a detailed project to provide the opportunity for you to put the theory learned into practice.


Study Times and Entry Requirements

The course contains 12 course modules, each requiring approximately 20 hours of study. There are no prerequisites and no qualifications needed to enrol.



This course consists of 21 sequential modules (12 course modules, 4 Assessments, 4 Projects and 1 User Guide to Downloading and Uploading Documents). Each of the modules has to be completed in sequence before you can move onto the next. The running order can be viewed within the 'Content' tab.

For Example:

Module 1 - Introduction & Standards

When you reach the end slide of Module 1 and press the 'Finish' button, Module 2 becomes available etc.

You are required to achieve 60% or above in all assessments and projects to pass this Level 5 course.

Learning Credits

DL2 - Module 1 Intro & Standards
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DL2 - Module 2 Bandwidth & Storage
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DL2 - Module 3 OSI Model
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Users Guide to Downloading and Uploading Documents
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Assessment 1
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Project 1
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DL2 - Module 4 IP Addresses and Subnetworking
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DL2 - Module 5 IPv6
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Assessment 2
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Project 2
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DL2 - Module 6 Local Area Networks
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DL2 - Module 7 Transmission Media
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DL2 - Module 8 Bandwidth
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Assessment 3
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Project 3
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DL2 - Module 9 WiFi
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DL2 - Module 10 Routers and Routing
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DL2 - Module 11 Network Management
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DL2 - Module 12 Network Security
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Assessment 4
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Project 4
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Added 2 months ago, by Anonymous
Added about 1 year ago, by HARRISON
excellent course, very relevant content. exceptional tutor. i wish another level higher than level 5
Added over 1 year ago, by Anonymous
Really interesting course and thoroughly enjoyed doing through each stage. The course tutor provided very good feedback throughout. Would recommend.
Added over 1 year ago, by Hussein
Perfect and high Technical level with rich of information, it takes you a high level of professionalism. Thanks a lot to the Instructor for his Professional explanation and for Tavcom. I am so glad.
Added almost 3 years ago, by William
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone who works in or with a Network or IP capacity. It is well structured and delivered and i believe it has been invaluable to me. Working in the security industry for a major Door entry and access control manufacturer the knowledge i have gained has been invaluable. I would like to thank my tutor Peter Mason for his help, Understanding and patience along the way. His feedback upon completion of each assessment / project has also helped increase my knowledge and understanding. I am delighted to have passed but more importantly i have achieved my aim which was to apply gained knowledge of IP and Networking to real life applications which i am now confident i can do. Thank you Tavcom Kind regards Billy
Added over 3 years ago, by Paul
Added over 3 years ago, by Steven
Very informative and challenging course, gives you a deep understanding of IP and the importance of intelligent security design. Excellent tutor support.
Added over 3 years ago, by Alexandrovith
Very good and challenging courses, i recommended for any professional in the security field.
Added almost 7 years ago, by chidozie
I enjoyed the course.

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